Carson Bernard

photo of Carson Bernard
Class of 2027
Major: Education, AYA Integrated Social Studies

Carson Bernard, a freshman majoring in the Adolescence to Young Adult Integrated Social Studies Education program, hopes to become a high school teacher and an inspiration for his future students to thrive in school by not only memorizing material – but also broadening their curiosity, intellect and knowledge by showing students where their studies might take them in the real world.

In order to demonstrate enthusiasm for this subject, Carson, who is also a Blouin Scholar, is taking in as many experiences as possible, including the U.S. National Security Policy Panel with World Leaders, presented as part of Walsh University’s Presidential Thought Leadership Series.

“I cannot stress enough how important it was for Walsh University to give us the opportunity to hear from such well-spoken and high-status individuals such as Ambassador Francis Campbell, General Phil Breedlove, General Tod Wolters and Dr. Joe Wood,” he said. “They set the standard for applying sovereignty, scholarship, service and leadership on a global scale.”

Just as it is our civic duty to take an active part in public affairs, having the opportunity to learn from the foremost world leaders on diplomacy and national security, reinforces our moral obligation to contribute to the common good.

“National security is so much more than police and military protection, it also consists of economic power, moral credibility, and the ability to recognize threats versus dangers,” he said. “One of my key takeaways from the panel discussion is that it is our responsibility to take what we learned from these leaders and apply it to our local communities.”

Carson, a legacy student whose mother and uncle attended Walsh, is someone who values his relationship with God and chose Walsh for its mission of living in service to others. As a Blouin Scholar and a scholar-athlete on the Men’s Tennis team, he is able to dedicate his time, scholarship and leadership to serving others in the community, including University partners such as Lighthouse Ministries.

“I have always been one to serve others in my community,” he said. “I am also dedicated to bringing enjoyment to the education community. I want children to enjoy learning!”

Still in his first year of college, Carson looks forward to shadowing teachers, student teaching and working toward his future goals. After graduation, Carson hopes to return to his hometown of Wadsworth to teach high school history and coach tennis while working toward a master’s degree.

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